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New Boston, NH: New England at its finest

Before you read about the action and activities out at the Friendly Beaver Campground, where you really should stay (is this place its own little town?), you have to find out what’s going on in the lovely New England town of New Boston, New Hampshire, three miles from the campground.

Of course it depends on the season you’re visiting, but people go berserk over the autumn leaves in New Boston. Sure, there’s red; then there’s flaming scarlet. It’s wild. This place gives new meaning to the word “color.” Even teens have been known to eek out a grudging “wow” when walking or driving through this level of brilliance. You really must come.

When you’re wandering around this pretty little town (population 5,000 plus) you’ll hear a lot about a cannon. This isn’t just any cannon; this is the famous Molly Stark Cannon, cast in 1743 ( in Paris, go figure). There’s some memorable history attached to this cannon, so be sure to take a look at it, and discover its story. Oh, and if you happen to be in New Boston around the 4th of July, they actually blast this thing off! That’s worth the trip.

When you’re downtown, ask someone about the big stone that memorializes the former Gravity Center Research Foundation founded by Roger Babson in 1948. He and Thomas Edison were buddies; we’re talking brain power. Ask about the display of the 5,000 gravity defying birds the two of them dreamed up. There’s some great history about all of this, going back to Babson’s theory that New Boston was the “safest place in North America” in the event WWII were to break out, which of course, it did. The Gravity Center in its hey day was a high caliber center, the kind of place where Stephen Hawkings entered essays in the annual essay contest. Ask around. If you have any interest in science or gravity, you’ll discover some great stories.

Speaking of history, you’re only 50 miles from Boston, MA when staying at the Friendly Beaver Campground. Needless to say, Boston is its own story with its own level of activities and action, but it’s really nice to come home to little, peaceful New Boston, NH after visiting Boston, MA. You can relax at the Friendly Beaver, or not….

The Friendly Beaver features four different swimming pools, their own Beaver Hut Café, truly enormous (and very cool) playgrounds, a ball field, two recreation halls, big teen centered game room, patios, scheduled activities too awesome to’ll wonder, “Does it ever end?” No, not really. The Friendly Beaver Campground is a great family place and New Boston, New Hampshire is a great place for your family to visit.

Contact The Friendly Beaver at or call (603) 487-5570