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The Secrets of Biloxi

Can you say “Feed huge Alligators?”

Yes, Biloxi, Mississippi has its share of gambling opportunities. But its real attractions are quite remarkable. First, get your family settled in the Cajun RV Park ( clean, comfy, close to everything), then hit the area. Train tours, the old (as in old ) cemetery, the haunted houses, the Biloxi Lighthouse, the hurricane memorials and all kinds of sea tours come together to make Biloxi quite the fascinating place. If your kids want a thrill, and you think they can handle the excitement, buzz on over to the alligator ranch. Wow.

Now this is one heck of an alligator ranch. They don’t have little cute guys slithering around …these are monsters! Huge, and you are welcome to feed them. Or be their feed. Not really. But these alligators can look you in the eye and serve as the ultimate antidote to boredom. Find out when their feeding times are. And just to make sure you’re awake, you get to walk through the swamp with them. Yes, there are absolute safe guards in place…but for some reason, that hair on your arm is still standing up long after you’ve left. It’s quite thrilling. However, if you need a complete change of place after the alligator ranch, run over to the Biloxi Cemetery.

Old Southern cemeteries are gorgeous, have a certain air about them, and provide slow, lovely walks that teach you something. The Biloxi Cemetery is a terrific example of the classic Southern cemetery, with tons of very old headstones. It’s easy to meander through, teaching kids (or yourself) things about history and math by studying headstones. Along this line, Biloxi offers really well done haunted house tours. The guides know what they’re talking about and in addition to freaky house stories, you’ll learn about the history of Biloxi. Now this is how to teach kids about history. You’ll experience other aspects of Biloxi by checking out some of the other tours.

Biloxi offers tons of bird tours (if you’ve recovered from the giant alligators), air boat tours, dolphin tours, and they have a wonderful Eco-Tour that includes all kinds of wildlife. It’s a pretty amazing area. You’ll enjoy making memories with your family and growing together in knowledge at the same time.

Before you head back to Cajun RV Park, the Hurricane Katrina and Camille memorials are worth the visit. They’re free, and a great way to show your family what Biloxi has been through. It’s another way to show kids about nature as art. Drive down Highway 90 to see the Hurricane Katrina damaged trees that they’ve turned into sculptures.

The need for sleep and food eventually rears its head, so it’s time to head for the comfort of your RV. The Cajun RV Park is perfect, because they’re across from the beach, have a swimming pool, have a free shuttle to the casino, night time security (which is great to have anywhere!), free Cable on each site, WI-FI, and all these things that enhance your vacation and experiences in general.

There’s so much to see and do in Biloxi; why don’t you see and do it all from the well located, safe Cajun RV Park? Contact them at their web site or call them at Toll Free: 1-877-CAJUN99 (1-877-225-8699)