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Step into History with Lake Pines RV Park & Campground

What American history buffs should know about Columbus and Fort Benning, GA… make Lake Pines RV Park and Campground your home base, and thrill to the history and lore located close by.

Are you a Unites States history buff? Maybe you’re not a “buff” but would like to be one, or maybe you want to introduce military history of the USA to your family. Doing so is one way to really hook kids into American history because many young people are attracted to actual artifacts, such as weaponry, military paintings, military vehicles, and uniforms. Sometimes these physical objects help young people to relate better and more deeply to stories they may hear about their country’s history. It helps to see what is real.

There are some historical military “must-sees” in this part of Georgia, and if you stay at Lake Pines RV Park and Campground, you’ll be very close to them. Lone Pines RV Park is a lovely, safe, family operated campground and RV park to base out of it for your military explorations (actually, there is an awesome Opera House in Columbus, too, if you’re looking for culture) ; Lone Pines RV Park and Campground is located in east Columbus.

Lake Pines offers spaces for virtually all recreational vehicle types and they welcome rallies and tent campers, too. They also have lots of hiking trails, and boast a complete onsite Events Center. Oh …and of course, they have a pool. You can find out more about their Events Center at And really important is that they’re open all year ‘round. Although you’ll love hanging out at the RV park, you’ll want to check out the local Civil War military history at Columbus and Fort Benning.

Columbus, Georgia is the home of the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Patriot Park. This center serves as a home for over 30,000 artifacts used by United States infantry over several decades. For example, their collection contains the nation’s smallest nuclear weapon, the Davey Crocket. The Davey Crocket is a tactical, nuclear, recoilless gun. The collection also includes 16th century Spanish canon, a Gatling Gun, and a Japanese musket. They feature an incredible array of military uniforms and paintings, as well as vehicles. Even if you’re not a history “buff” this museum is not boring, by any definition! They also have a full service restaurant, a IMAX Theatre and gift store. Patriot Park features a recreated World War II Company Street. You really must go.

Another favorite of both locals and visitors is the Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus. If you, or anyone in your family, has an interest in the American Civil War from a naval perspective, this museum is a must see. The exhibits focus on the role the navy played in the Civil War, which of course, was considerable.

No history buffs in your family yet? Maybe it’s time to create some. Turn your kids on to American history while staying at Lake Pines RV Park and Campground. You’ll be just minutes from downtown Columbus, Georgia and Fort Benning. Contact them at their website or call them at 706-561-9675.