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What Everybody Should Know About the Submarines at Hidden Acres Family Campground

Submarines. Who isn’t fascinated? Isn’t there something about living so deep under water (considering we’re not fish) that piques our interest? That’s why visiting the Submarine Force Museum, in Groton CT is such a great way to spend a day. Assuming you’re staying at Hidden Acres Family Campground (which is a smart, affordable idea), you’re only a 30 minute drive to the museum.

The museum features four “midget” submarines, and two mini-theaters. You can learn about the eight Submarine Medal of Honor Recipients; you can bet there are some stories about those men. You can walk the decks of the USS Nautilus, the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine and first ship to go to the North Pole. As you tour, try to picture yourself eating, working, and sleeping deep beneath the surface of the ocean for who knows how long!

Another cool attraction in Groton is the Avery Point Lighthouse in operation from 1944 to 1967. Its ‘grand opening’ was delayed by concerns about WW II. But finally, on May 2, 1944, it was lighted for the first time featuring eight 200-watt bulbs. This created a white light that shone 55 feet above sea level. It has been recently restored, and along with visiting nearby Project Oceanology, is well worth seeing. Groton’s history is broader than the sea: Fort Griswold is an important American Revolution historical site.

The War for Independence ended October 19, 1781. Only a month earlier, sad to say, Fort Griswold in Groton, CT, was the site where 80 American patriots were killed due to the efforts of traitor General Benedict Arnold leading the British troops against his former friends and compatriots. Fort Griswold is in terrific condition, and museum visitors can view several artifacts from the battle. You and (or) the kids can climb the monument and experience a dazzling view of the entire area. Autumn would be a sensational time to do this.

It’s an easy 30 minute drive back to your home base at Hidden Acres Family Campground. You’ll be glad they have a General Store, Laundromat, free Cable, free WI-FI, lovely riverfront sites, and fire wood available. You’ll also be glad they’re set up for your Big Rigs…if you have one, that is. Your kids will love the playground, swimming pool, hayrides and fire engine rides, and the arcade game room. If you’re the crafty type, check out their craft shop.

All in all, this area of Connecticut is well worth your time. So is staying at Hidden Acres Family Campground. Contact Hidden Acres Family Campground by visiting their website or call them at 860-887-9633.