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A Vacation that Makes Everyone Happy

Activities at Camp ChautauquaThe Secret to a Vacation that pleases everyone…fishing, swimming, skiing, boating and the arts!

Camp Chautauqua Camping Resort, Stow, New York. Really. Can it get any better? You have two things going for you here: the campground itself and Chautauqua County in general. Very cool.

Basing out of Camp Chautauqua, you physical types (or your children) can decide if you want to water-ski, hike or golf nearby. Winters, you can check out the cross-country skiing, or the downhill (alpine) skiing at nearby resorts. There are also incredible things going on right in the campground: maybe it’s time for you or yours to catch a record size fish. Truly!

Playground at Camp Chautauqua The lake is full of fish. You can fish off of their docks in the summer (you do need a NYS fishing license). The campground stocks a pond for those so inclined. They also sell lures and night crawlers onsite. If you want to fish from boats, you can rent boats really close to the campground and use the campground’s dock space for your rented boat.

All Camp Chautauqua campsites are within easy (really) walking distance to 1800 feet of lake front ; the furthest campsite is only a 5 minute walk from the shoreline. The staff considers Chautauqua Lake to be their “ front door ;” right…a front door that opens up to record size bass and trout fishing!

However, maybe catching Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch and Muskie doesn’t thrill you. But the arts do. You’ll be in heaven, staying at Camp Chautauqua, because you’re a very short drive to the world-famous Chautauqua Institute. We’re talking concerts, opera, and truly remarkable entertainment. You can register for all kinds of educational (and other) programs, and listen to well-renown speakers.

Chautauqua County is a joy, summer or fall. Many believe the finest fall colors in New York and all of New England are found in this county, and actually in Camp Chautauqua itself. Just driving around is a major league memory maker.

You’ll find all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits at roadside stands. You’ll never take a better photograph than one of your children picking fruit at a New England stand. It’s not a computer app; they actually get to pick the fruit. If your kids think apples are planted and grown inside chain grocery stores, Chautauqua County will teach them otherwise. They’ll discover that produce is actually planted and grown outdoors using non–techie things such as soil, sun and rain!

You really should go up to Camp Chautauqua. No one regrets it. They make it easy on you, with their breakfast/lunch kitchen (summers), the petting farm, and a pool. It’s lively and wonderful up there in Camp Chautauqua and the lovely countryside of Stow, New York.

You’ll be so glad if you visit their website or call 716.789.3435 or 800.578.4849.

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