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Something Special in Alabama

Lake front TerracesWho else wants to live high but pay low? Check out these little known benefits to Lake Osprey RV Country Club, Elberta, Alabama.

Sometimes something special comes along, but it seems like only the other guy knows about it. This time, you’re the lucky guy. Run with it: Lake Osprey RV Country Club on the Alabama Gulf Coast with it remarkable view of the Osprey Hawk & Wildlife Preserve. Live a country club life you can afford at Lake Osprey RV Country Club in the historic Elberta area of Alabama ( next to Soldiers Creek Golf Course). Here’s some little known benefits to the country club RV life at Lake Osprey RV:

Chairs near the pool at night First, the financial benefit: Maybe you’ve heard folks are heading south to Alabama’s north shore gulf coast(instead of its more “famous” neighboring state) for the savings. It’s true. You will save money having fun in southern Alabama’s gulf coast. If you want to burn through your money, there are better places to choose. However, if you want to spend it judiciously while having a good time, Elberta, Alabama is the place to visit and Lake Osprey RV is the place to stay. Why? Because Alabama offers tax breaks. Really. Sales taxes are a third cheaper than certain neighboring states (as of this writing they were only 4%) and real estate taxes are lower, as well. Think maybe you ought to check out Alabama?

Second, the entertainment benefit: even though you may hate leaving Lake Osprey RV Park (seriously), you should. Orange Beach is close, like right there. You drive about two miles, and you’ll end up at the Wharf Entertainment Complex which draws top acts like Three Dog Night, Tim McGraw, Willie Nelson and the Steve Miller Band. The action is at The Wharf and there’s always something going on. There’s really no point in talking about the Wharf’s restaurants and shopping as this article would need to morph into a giant book. Suffice it to say, the entire Wharf area has a quick way to solve your “What’s for dinner?” and “Where can we take them this time?” problems, as you’ll find virtually all types of cuisine and activities at all prices.

Third, the golf benefit: Staying at Lake Osprey RV allows you to step out your RV door right over to the adjacent Soldiers Creek Golf Course( plus the best fishing and boating in the region). The emerald, plush championship course, nicknamed “The Players Place to Play” features Tif Eagle, the South’s newest, best turf grass. This turf has been cut closer, which provides smoother, faster greens. The course design factored in both low and high handicaps. You must try it out.
The back porch Last but not least, the weather benefit: summer temperatures in the Elberta area run 9-10 degrees cooler than many parts of Florida. That’s a considerable difference for the heat sensitive. And humidity, that sweaty bane of human existence, is remarkably manageable in this part of Alabama. Whether you’re a golfer, lounge lizard, or gone fishing’ type, the weather impacts you. This part of Alabama is comfortable, healthy and lovely.

While Lake Osprey RV Country Club offers luxurious amenities typical of high end country club living, you’ll realize a fundamental difference in your experience there: they have an eleven acre fishing and kayaking lake, three ponds, and multiple places for hiking, biking and yes, places for those bonding walks with your doggies. It’s wonderful being outdoors there, and it’s good for you.

Lake Osprey RV is a vacation destination site itself. It’s been designed with privacy, safety, tranquility and natural beauty in mind. You can spend a life time there just photographing or sketching Osprey hawks and huge southern deer. You have a sense of being in your own private eco-system, while living in this lush wildlife preserve. Or, you can run to the Wharf to mix things up, and see what’s going on over there!
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