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Valdez, Alaska: It's Your money; Now's the Time

EagleFish for 200 lb halibut, kayak to Columbia Glacier, discover Alaskan wildlife, cruise by or fly over icebergs and glaciers while staying at Eagle’s Rest RV in Valdez, Alaska.

And in case you wonder what’s in it for the ladies, Valdez, Alaska isn’t just a guy thing; men and women both connect with a deeper side of themselves when exploring nature’s wilderness universe. When was the last time you soared with eagles or reeled in something huge over the side of a boat or thrilled to a whale’s call? Or have you? Nature’s beauty ignites something spectacular in each of us.
So men, women, children, couples, seniors, go to Valdez, Alaska. It’s guaranteed you will remember and grow from an adventure like this. Now let’s look at how to make this happen, beginning with lodging:

First, admit it. While you would love to explore the remarkable Alaskan outdoors, you also love your own bed and coffee. Do you have an RV? Will you rent one? Then you can have it all because you can stay at Eagle’s Nest RV in Valdez. People go up there all the time in RV’s. Why not you? Or, if you’d rather someone else provide the comfort and privacy, you can reserve modern, cozy cabins at Eagle’s Rest RV, as well.

Eagles’ Rest RV has the essentials, including 50, 30 & 20 AMP plug-ins, 24 hour gas station and convenience store, Laundromats and dump stations, ATMs and cable TV and e mail stations. And they also have fishing licenses, fish cleaning tables and a walk-in freezer: these people expect you to return with gargantuan fish and are ready when you do! Not only that, the folks at Eagle’s Rest RV will book your tours, charters, helicopter flight seeing or skiing, kayak and rafting trips. They’re flexible, terrific on the phone, and only need a couple of days notice to make things happen for you around Valdez. Avoid wasting energy figuring out how to do things because the Eagle’s Rest RV owners and staff will handle your logistics. This is an awesome benefit of staying at Eagle’s Rest

There’s a reason you’ll hear people refer to Eagles’ Rest RV as a destination point in itself . It almost has to be, considering it’s positioned amidst Prince William Sound (as in water!), mountains with waterfalls that defy description. It’s all right there. Seriously. You could spend two days just in the RV park capturing eagles with your camera. The owners say guests have to close their eyes to miss seeing eagles in the RV park.

You’re in Valdez, Alaska. How good can it get? Be sure to spend your time and money doing things that guarantee a remarkable adventure: Valdez has tons of tours where people of all ages and fitness conditions can experience wildlife and glaciers up very close and personal. Same with fishing. The guides are helpful so don’t rule out a fishing tour just because you haven’t done it or don’t feel confident. They will support you! You’ll find the same is true with kayaking and rafting trips. Just visit or call any of the tours places, tell them your needs, and see what they do to make an experience of a life time happen for you and your loved one. Really. Now, let’s say you run to the wild side: yes, you’ll find helicopter action all over the place. You can take a flight seeing tour over the area and for the more extreme among you, you’ll find helicopter skiing .

Summer or winter, when you need a break from the routine or troubles that surround you, make your way to fjord-like Valdez, Alaska. Find your joy while staying at Eagle’s Rest RV because your experiences become part of who you are. Plan your trip by contacting their website or use their Toll Free number: 1-800- 553-7275.

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