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Enjoy Terrific Ontario Camping at Point Pelee National Park!

Located in southern Ontario, Point Pelee National Park is located at the southern-most tip of Canada. Most of the park is on a peninsula that extends into Lake Erie and consists of marsh and woodland habitats. Established in 1918, the park covers just about 10 square miles. Located at the 42nd parallel, the park shares a similar climate to Northern California, making it a great Ontraio camping destination year round. Lush land and a diverse wildlife contribute to the beauty of this park, and add to its allure. This is one Ontario camping spot that you won’t forget.

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Point Pelee National Park is in a humid continental region. Weather can be variable, although rainfall is not very high. Summer temperatures are the warmest in Ontario, getting into the mid 70’s. Lake Erie increases the humidity of the park, and the humidity in the park is greater than elsewhere in Ontario. Winter is mild in the park, although 75% of the days are cloudy. There is an entrance fee to enter the park, which varies depending on when you visit. The entrance fee April to October costs CA$7.80 for adults, $6.80 for seniors, $3.90 for children, and $19.60 for a family (up to seven people traveling in one vehicle). November to March has slightly lower fees at $6.05 for adults, $5.40 for seniors, $2.90 for children and $14.70 for a family. Annual passes cost $39.20 for adults, $34.30 for seniors, $19.60 for children and $98.10 for a family. Children under 6 are free.

There are many activities awaiting you in this small, but beautiful, park. Seven miles of hiking trails allow you to explore the park on foot. The Boardwalk Trail is one of the most famous walks in Point Pelee National Park. It extends out over the mysterious marshes over a sea of cattails. An observation tower along the trail allows you to get a marvelous bird’s eye view of the marsh. A great way to explore the marshes even further is by canoe or kayak. Two thirds of the park is comprised of freshwater marshes and getting into a water craft allows you to see more than you ever can from land. You can bring in your own canoe or kayak, or rent one at the park. Point Pelee boasts the longest continuous beach in Essex County and the smooth sandy beaches and pleasant water makes this an excellent swimming spot. The spring and fall are excellent times for observing migratory song birds as they flock to the park. With so much to see and do, this is a great Ontario camping destination!

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