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Enjoy Beautiful Quebec Camping at Mingan Archipelago National Park!

Mingan Archipelago National Park is located above the 50th parallel along the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawerence in northeastern Quebec. The Mingan Archipelago is the primary feature, a chain of about 40 limestone islands. Over 1000 islets and reefs fill the park, and a wide variety of plants and animals call this strange half world home, ranging from seabirds and land birds to beaver and the red and silver fox; dolphins, seals and whales fill the vast blue waters that surround the park. Peat bogs, barrens, boreal forests, shorelines and marshes make up this small park that covers only about 70 square miles. Established in 1984, this park is largely untouched by man, making it a pristine Quebec camping destination!

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The weather in Mingan Archipelago National Park is greatly dictated by the Gulf of St Lawrence. The water temperature in the Gulf reaches about 46 degrees in summer, and gets as cold as 32 degrees in winter. This means that summer temperatures are cooler here than they are inland, and it also means that winter temperatures are not as cold. Extremes are tempered by the Gulf. Summer temperatures get as high as 70 degrees during the day, dropping to 50 degrees at night. A daily fee is collected and costs CA$5.80 for adults, $4.90 for seniors, $2.90 for children and $14.70 for a family (up to seven people traveling in one vehicle). A seasonal pass is $29.40 for adults, $24.50 for seniors, $14.70 for children, and $73.60 for families. Children under 6 are free. The summer season is the most popular time of the year to visit the park, and mid June through early July is the best time for bird watching and flowering plants.

Mingan Archipelago National Park is a beautifully pristine park that has a lot to offer every camper, from solitude to adventure. One terrific adventure that awaits you in the park is the sea. Kayaking along the coast of the many islands, exploring cliffs and inlets, floating above an entire world, surrounded by winged wildlife and sitting back to watch a pod of dolphins or whales swim by are just a handful of things you’ll experience. The water surrounding you is very clear and visibility to the world below is excellent. Sailboats, canoes and power boats are other excellent ways to explore the waters around Mingan Archipelago National Park. Fifteen miles of hiking trails are waiting for you throughout the park. You’ll have a chance to explore rugged sea shores and many trails take you into the heart of the island allowing you to make your way through forests, barrens, marshlands and peat bogs. Preserve the beauty of the park by observing trails, because even the smallest human actions can have big ramifications in this delicate land. With so much to see and do, this is a miraculous Quebec camping destination that you just can’t forget.

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