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Grasslands National Park is a Great Saskatchewan Camping Destination!

Established in 1981, Grasslands National Park represents Canada’s prairie grassland natural region. The park is one of the last undisturbed areas of mixed grass/shortgrass prairie grassland. This unique and harsh landscape with its semi-arid climate provides a niche for several unique and specially adapted plants and animals. The country’s only black-tailed prairie dog colonies can be found in this park, as well as other rare and endangered creatures including the pronghorn antelope, burrowing owl, black-footed ferret and short-horned lizard. Blue grama grass, Plains Cottonwood, silver sagebrush and needlegrass can be found throughout the park. The unique landscape was primarily formed by melting glacier water eroding the land over thousands of years. This beautiful and unique park rich in natural and human history is an excellent Saskatchewan camping destination!

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Grasslands National Park has a semi-arid climate. Hot summers, cool winters, high wind and low rainfall are typical of this area. Only an average of 12 ½ inches of rain falls each year, half of which falls during the summer months. Summer months are hot with temperatures frequently getting up into the 90’s. Late afternoon lightning and thunderstorms are common and the weather can change suddenly at any time. Cool spring and fall temperatures make these months excellent for exploring the park. Flowers are in full bloom in late May and early June. Spring and fall are also the seasons for migrating wildlife. Fall and early winter come with colder temperatures, although snow isn’t common. Cold weather continues until mid February. Wind is part of the park during the entire year. The park is open year round and there is no entrance fee to enjoy the park.

The best way to explore the park is on foot. There are three ways you can hike around Grasslands National Park: enjoy backcountry hiking; follow a hiking guide; explore interpretive trails. Backcountry hiking allows you to strike out in any direction, encouraging exploration and adventure. There are also eight suggested hiking routes that offer narrative, interpretive text, color topographical maps and landscape illustrations. The final way to hike through the park is on an interpretive trail. This moderately easy hike takes about an hour and along the way, visitors are introduced to native grasses, lichens and mosses that fill the park. The Frenchman River Valley Ecotour is a self guided driving tour through the Frenchman River Valley. The auto tour usually takes about 2 hours and offers a tremendous view of the park from the comfort of your car. You’ll drive through lush river land and through arid white flats. Highlights of the drive include excellent wildlife viewing, many archeological sites, and remains from early homesteaders. Grasslands National Park certainly has something to offer everyone making it an amazing Saskatchewan camping destination!

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