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Outdoor Activities Are A-Plenty When Wyoming RV Camping at Grand Tetons National Park

Grand Tetons National Park is an amazingly beautiful park located in northwestern Wyoming. Established in 1929, it covers 485 square miles of land and water. The park gets its name from the Grand Tetons, which is the largest mountain in the Tetons Range at 13,770 feet. At the base of the mountain range is beautiful valleys, glacial lakes and sage covered meadows. This flat land abruptly gives way to the sharp incline of the jagged mountains above. Four million people visit the park every year just for a glimpse of the world-renowned beauty of Grand Tetons National Park. With so much to see and do, this really is an excellent Wyoming RV camping destination!

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Grand Tetons National Park has long, cold winters. Heavy snow begins to fall by the beginning of November and continues through March. Snow and frost are a possibility any time of the year. Spring is mild with cool nights. Light rain and snow are common. Valley trails remain covered with snow until late May. Summer brings warm days with cool nights. Afternoon thunderstorms are likely, so always be prepared. Fall days alternate between sunny and rainy days with the occasional snow storm. Winter comes with a blanket of snow that covers everything, and many roads and parts of the park become inaccessible. Four-wheel drive vehicles and/or all weather tires are highly recommended for winter travel. Grand Tetons National Park is open year round save for Christmas Day, although many facilities and parts of the park shut down during winter. There is a $25 fee to enter the park which is valid for 7 days. There is a $5/day fee during the winter months. An annual pass costs $50, and any pass for Grand Tetons National Park is also valid for Yellowstone and vice versa. An annual inter-agency pass costs $80 and is valid for most national parks.

This beautiful park has plenty to offer any outdoor enthusiast, and even those that like to appreciate nature in comfort. Summer offers opportunities to hike, camp, swim, go boating, fishing, canoeing, backpacking, and more. Winter is a great time for skiing and snowshoeing. Scenic drives allow you to see the beauty that the park has to offer. The Teton Park Road follows the base of the Teton Range. The Jenny Lake Scenic Drive runs along Jenny Lake. This one-way scenic drive offers spectacular views of the jagged peaks above and the crystal clear lake beside you. The Signal Mountain Summit Road climbs 800’, giving you a panoramic view of Teton Range, Jackson Hole Valley and Jackson Lake. Wildlife can often be spotted alongside the roads, so always be on alert in case they decide to dart out in front of your car. Hitting a large animal, like a moose, at high speeds can be fatal! There are many areas of the park perfect for wildlife viewing, including Oxbow Bend, Timbered Island and Cascade Canyon. This world-renowned park truly is a beautiful slice of Wild America, making it an unforgettable Wyoming RV camping destination!

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