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Enjoy Water and Land Activities While Florida Camping Near Big Cypress National Preserve

Big Cypress National Preserve is a beautiful preserve set in Florida, just north of Everglades National Park. The swamp land and its fresh water is vital to the health of the neighboring Everglades as well as to the coastal marine estuaries. The mixture of temperate and tropical lends to a diverse plant and wild life population, including the elusive Florida panther! With the varying land and diverse activities, Big Cypress National Preserve makes an excellent Florida camping destination.

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The park is open year round, and there is no entrance fee to enter. While enjoyable year round, there are two distinct season: the wet season, and the dry season. The wet season begins in May and runs through October. It is the less popular time of the year to visit the park, as it comes with thunderstorms, high humidity, and a plethora of mosquitoes. There are many areas of the preserve that can be intolerable due to all the mosquitoes. If you can get past the mosquitoes, though, it’s a nice time to visit the preserve because it is less crowded, a beautiful array of flowers are blooming, and the views of the thunderstorm clouds rolling in are wonderful. The dry season begins in November and runs through April. This is the most popular season in the park, since lower water levels means less mosquitoes, more wildlife, and more opportunities for hiking, camping and canoeing. Many migrating birds also visit the park during this season, making it a wonderful time for bird watching! The peak months are December through March.

Big Cypress National Preserve has a lot to offer, from hiking and canoeing to hunting and offroading. The preserve has many marked trails you can use, although if you don’t mind getting wet, there is plenty of wilder land to explore. The dry season makes hiking easier, since hiking during the wet season can lead to being waist deep in water. Since alligators are so common, no matter when or where you’re hiking, you must always be alert. Canoeing is another terrific past time while in the preserve. The most common months for canoeing is November through March. There are paths through creeks, rivers and bays, and the preserve shares its water with the Everglades. It is best to have some skills in canoeing and kayaking before starting out, since some experience is needed for a safe trip. Hunting has been a big part of the preserve since before it even became one. Hunting, in fact, played a big role in establishing Big Cypress National Preserve. Hunting is open year round, although there are specific seasons for specific activities. Some of the game included turkey, white-tailed deer, and hogs. It is illegal to hunt alligators. Many people explore the park with the use of air-boats. Permits are required, the entire park is not accessible in this manner, but it is still a fun and exciting way to see parts of the park that may be difficult to reach otherwise. Camping is open year round, while the dry season is definitely the more popular time.

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