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The Evolution of RV Parks & Campgrounds

RV Resorts Have Come a Long Way

Alan Lidstone, Courtesy of Woodall's Directory

A lot has happened to RV parks and campgrounds over the last forty years. The campground with a small lake, a payphone, and a store selling milk, soda, ice cream, beer, charcoal and firewood has been replaced by a RV resort environment.

RV Resorts

As RVs have developed, so have campgrounds. Most are now known as RV resorts, featuring large sites, enhanced recreational opportunities, and a wide array of services. The camp store is now a mini-market selling a wide range of groceries, frozen foods, beer, wine and soft drinks, along with camping and RV supplies.
While many RVers stay at RV resorts and campgrounds open to the public, some prefer to use the membership-only RV resorts. RV resorts open to the public include the privately-owned RV resorts and campgrounds as well as the state, county and municipal campgrounds. Selected RV resorts such as Sun Communities and Encore Resorts cater to the interests and needs of the increasing number of seasonal and extended-stay RVers and provide a range of social activities.

RV Campgrounds

Half of the fun on an extended trip is to experience different types of rv parks, campgrounds and RV resorts. RVers have a choice of destinations that still have the charm of the old-style campground environment with wooded sites and miles of trails, but are also close to golf courses, beach, and restaurants. Jekyll Island Campground, in Jekyll Island, GA is an example. For year-round convenience and high-end full service with paved roads and brick patios, multiple pools and hot tubs, convention center, restaurant, RV service techs, WiFi Internet access, and day and night tours of Washington, DC, check out Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD.

With the information-packed regional or national Woodall’s Campground Directory, RV park, and RV resort directories, RVers can select destinations and layovers. All Woodall's Directories, with their extensive information about geographic locations, including roads and highways, along with excellent directions, amenities and quality ratings, are very helpful when planning a trip or changing plans. Reservations can now be made or changed on the Internet or by using toll-free phone numbers, frequently on a 24-hour basis.

RV Resort and Campground Amenities

RVers have a choice of services on their sites, including water, sewer, 30-amp and 50-amp electric power, and cable-TV. Many RV resorts offer well-marked paved roads and sites that easily accommodate large rigs. Late arrivals may be met by a staff member who will lead them to the RV site and point out the locations of the utilities. More and more resorts are providing additional services such as Wi-Fi or DSL high-speed Internet access, mail and fax services, and phone lines at the site.

The small lake and canoes and kayaks may still be there, but are now accompanied by a swimming pool, and possibly a hot tub, hiking trails, miniature golf, game room, tennis courts, laundry, lounge, and a restaurant. The service desk assists RVers with information for just about all your needs, from auto or RV service, to medical needs, and shopping.

RVers can relax and socialize away from the RV in the lounge, where they will also find TV, Internet access, and books to read. There are no lines at the payphone anymore as more and more RVers use today’s technology toys, including wireless phones and laptop computers with WiFI or wireless broadband Internet access to help keep in touch with family and friends, and manage their personal activities.