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Man's Best Facebook Friend

Do you have a Facebook account for your dog? How about your cats? I know that I am way behind the eight ball because I don't have a Facebook page for any of my animals.

Lab 42 Study - chart A study by Lab 42 found that 14 percent of dog owners maintain Facebook profiles for their pooches. (see right)

In fact, in the UK, one in 10 pets has its own profile on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. More than half – 52 percent – of pet owners share a photo of their furry friend on their personal social networking page, the survey found.

Younger people tend to share photos of their pet on a social networking page, according to Brit insurance company PetPlan's "Pet Census 2011," while older people tend to share photos via e-mail.

Of those who share a picture of their pet on their page:
  • 91 percent were 18- to 24-year-olds
  • 74 percent were 25- to 34-year-olds
  • 21 percent were 65 and older
And, women are more likely to use social networking for pets than men.


In fact, there are several pet related sites just for social networking for pets. On Facebook there is an application which is a social networking page for facebook with 28,000+ active monthly users.

Catbook on Facebook Look at the home page of Catbook...(see right)

You can add your cat's picture, her preference, and her latest status.

My cat Princess' status right now would be:

"Walking all over my mommy's keyboard so that she will pay attention to me instead of staring at that stupid computer screen. I just don't know why she does all of that writing stuff anyway."

Hey, by the way, where is my new bag of Blue Buffalo cat food. You know I like the select Wilderness Formula 'cuz I am a wild cat!"

(@ $40 a bag - now you know the secret to why I spend all of my time writing)

If cats aren't your thing, there is Dogster ( A blog about dogs.

I can think of the many possibilities for new sites too:
  • - This would be a protest site bemoaning that terrible human practice of neutering dogs. Of course, it would be a men's only club.

  • www.I' - This site would be for all those female cats and dogs who always wanted to be moms, but were never given the chance.

  • - I think this would be very popular with dogs, but I am not sure about cats as a target market. As a rule, cats like to keep those things under the carpet.

  • - This would be an underground site where people sell the illicit stuff to addicted cats all around the world. The nip would come in little foil packets with names like, "Angie's Delight", "Jamaican Field of Green", and "Couch Potato formula".

Twitter and Facebook chart As you can see, the possibilities are endless. And if Facebook just isn't for you, there are always the other social networking sites. People have plenty of pets on those sites too as evidenced by this survey result from Lab 42. (see left)

What Are You Waiting For???

As soon as you have set up a profile for your baby, make sure to me your links: