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Types of On-Site Rental Units

Explanation of Terms

Drive or fly to your destination and rent accommodations on-site. The explanation of terms below will help you choose what kind of rental is best for you and your family. Always check ahead with your destination campground regarding what is and is not specifically included in your rental unit. Let Woodall’s help you locate a campground with on-site rentals.

Tents & teepees are already set up but you supply the sleeping and cooking equipment. Sizes vary from one to three rooms. Teepees can be on a bare floor or a raised platform.

A simple cabin is four walls and a roof with wooden bunks. You supply the sleeping and cooking equipment. Restrooms/showers are communal. Fully furnished cottages have kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping areas and amenities such as TV, air conditioning, and microwaves.

Trailers/Park Models:
Pop-ups or fold-down camping units have beds at both ends and a small kitchenette in the middle. Usually minimal cooking equipment is included while linens are not. Bathrooms are not usually included although some of the newer units come with marine toilets and small shower areas. The travel trailer usually has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living quarters. Often sleeps 6-8 by using fold-downs and convertible dinettes. Usually fully furnished except for linens. Park models resemble houses with fully equipped kitchens and baths and up to 3 bedrooms. Convertible sofas and pull-out cots offering extra sleeping accommodations enable larger groups to stay comfortably in park models. Housekeeping may be available.

Lodge Rooms:
Lodges usually include full bath and shower facilities, linens and housekeeping but no kitchens. However, some lodges have just sleeping rooms with communal baths on each floor and others offer luxurious rooms with full kitchenettes, fireplaces and even Jacuzzis. Restaurants, swimming pools and hot tubs are often on the premises.

Motel Units:
Some campgrounds offer motel units with kitchenettes. Fully equipped with house keeping included, you have comfort and convenience in a camping atmosphere.

Bed and Breakfast:
Available in campground homes, B&Bs range from simple rooms to kitchenettes. Bath facilities vary from communal to private. Linens and housekeeping are usually provided. Many bed and breakfasts include a full home-cooked meal.