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Transfer Flow Combo Toolbox and Fuel Tank

How many times have you wished you could carry more fuel aboard your pickup? Perhaps it would let you travel further between pit stops when you are only getting 8 to 10 mpg while towing a heavy trailer. More capacity could also allow you to fuel up when you see a bargain price and not in the middle of no-where, where it is being sold for scalper's prices. Or maybe you just want a safe and clean way other than fuel containers to carry reserves for powering your toys.

The answer could be a combination toolbox and fuel tank from Transfer Flow Inc., a company specializing in auxiliary, refueling and replacement fuel tank systems. The company recently introduced a 40-gallon fuel tank and toolbox combo for full-size, short-bed and long-bed Dodge, Ford and General Motors diesel pickups. A 30-gallon version is available for newer full-size Ford and GM gasoline pickups.

The all-in-one toolbox and auxiliary fuel tank offers more than 5.5-cubic feet of storage space for tools and other stuff. The lockable storage compartment is 55.25 inches long, 17.75 inches wide and 9.75 inches deep. Since the fuel filler is located inside the locked storage container, fuel is also kept safe and secure. The toolbox tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance. The tank is baffled in two places on all four sides to preclude sloshing and is powder coated in black for a durable finish. It mounts about flush with most pickup bed rails so it should not interfere with fifth-wheel hitches. The tanks come preassembled with fuel lines, wire harness, mounting hardware, pump and computer module.

The new auxiliary tanks include Transfer Flow's EXPRESS-UFS operating system. The system's computer module will turn on the auxiliary pump when the fuel level of the pickup's fuel tank drops to about half-full to transfer fuel into the main tank until the stock fuel gauge rises to about three-quarter-full. When the fuel level of the main tank drops below three-eighths-full, as indicated by the fuel gauge, the auxiliary tank is empty. Because fuel-transferring is completely automatic, there is no need for a toggle switch to flip back and forth between the two tanks.

Options for All Needs

If you want to have greater information on fuel quantities, you can upgrade with the optional TRAX-II operating system for only $303.42. TRAX-II adds a dash-mounted LCD display showing the gallons remaining in the main tank, the auxiliary tank as well as the vehicle's total gallons. The gasoline version of the combo toolbox and fuel tank lists for $948.63, while the diesel version costs $998.

If you don't need the toolbox, and want more fuel capacity, Transfer Flow also offers a similar auxiliary tank for diesel trucks that holds 75 gallons, priced at $793.77. The company also builds a large variety of other auxiliary tank styles for both diesel and gasoline vehicles, including tank systems that enable auxiliary tanks to refuel other tanks.

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