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What I Learned About Awnings!

It was our first camping trip. I borrowed a friends truck and travel trailer and we were off camping. No problem towing or backing into the site as I had been pulling trailers for a while. Setting up the trailer was a breeze. Even extended the awning - no problem. Well no problem that is until it rained that night. A nice heavy thunder shower. As a novice camper I had not known to tilt the awning for the rain to run off. Well along about two in the morning I heard this crash and the camper rocked up on the jack stands and then settled back down. The awning collapsed! Getting out of the camper was fun as the awning blocked the door. Getting the camper home was fun also as I had to jury rig the awning. A new pair of support arms and it was like new!

Submitted by:
Sheldon Kolansky

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