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My husband and I were touring Wisconsin, and I was driving our 36’ motorhome with tow to Milwaukee along the shore of Lake Michigan. We decided to stop for lunch at Port Washington for some clam chowder and found a nice long empty place on a slight downhill block on the main drag to park where we turned the wheels in toward the curb to be safe.

We had a wonderful lunch on the lake, returned to the RV and I was going to continue driving to our destination RV park. I attempted to start the engine but found that the steering column had locked with the wheels turned in, and the weight of the RV and our Jeep Wrangler tow on the downhill slope was just too much to allow us to unlock the column.

We gave our emergency roadside service a call and they said they had to send a huge tow truck out to lift the front of the RV up to relieve the weight on the steering column so we could unlock it. While we waited, my husband had the bright idea of unhooking the tow, thereby relieving about 4,500 lbs off the column. It worked! Just that moment the tow truck driver showed up and said he got frequent calls on the same problem…… one tells you this stuff in RV school!

Submitted by Sybil & Peter
SaddleBrooke, AZ

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