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Around 30 years ago my wife and I wanted to go camping. So I go to my parents house to borrow their big old green canvas tent. I bring everything home, pack up the car, and we head off to go camping. We drove up to Bar Harbor, ME. The campground was right at entrance to the island, which I don't recall but I believe it's where the KOA is now. It was right around our first anniversary, so I was able to get a phenominal campsite for our tent. It was basically a peninsula where we were surrounded on three sides by the water. I get the tent out of the trunk and proceed to set it up while my wife starts to set up the picnic table and other niceties.

About five minutes in my wife looks over at me. I had laid out the tent and was just staring at it. She looks over at me and asks me "What's the matter?” Well, about two minutes before that I had walked back to the car and then back to the tent. After a minute or so of silence from me, I look up at her and say "Um, err, I left the tent poles at home in the garage.”

Well, the next five minutes were uncomfortable silence. After the dust settled, we packed up the car and drove back towards Ellsworth to rent a cottage at the Green Moth Inn that we saw on the way.

Jonathan Parker
North Easton, MA 02356

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