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Camping Bloopers

We travel with our very clever British Short Hair cat named Ciaran. Like all cats, he likes to rub up against objects/people in order to show affection /scratch his muzzle. While we were away from the camper for several hours he decided to show affection/scratch himself on the lever type faucet handles on the bathroom sink. You guessed it....he turned on the cold water faucet. (I'm sure he was quite amused and entertained by the constantly running water). The constant flow of water eventually filled the #2 grey tank which backed up into the shower pan (low point) then cascaded out of the shower pan on to the bathroom floor. Luckily, a fellow camper spotted the water running from the bottom of the camper near the storage door and shut off the water supply to the camper. As it turned out, the bathroom floor, some bedroom carpet and basement storage area were the only things that got wet. Fortunately the next day was windy and dry so we were able to dry out the wet areas fairly quickly. Never found out who the fellow camper was but boy do we owe him/her a big "Thank You".

Footnote: I have since replaced the lever type faucet handles with the old fashion "twist" type handles. If the cat somehow figures out how to turn them on....we are going to load up the camper and put him in the circus.

Steve and Bonnie Zimmerer

Canton, MS