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Is there anything you can’t do in Tucson?

Find out, and affordably, by driving your RV into Rincon Country West, Arizona.

Tucson. Just the name: lush, vibrant, sunny, hospitable, friendly vibe, shades of plum, pink and turquoise…no wonder everyone loves Tucson. When you’re in Tucson, you can shop at the most wonderful places (big name stores as well as boutiques), enjoy live entertainment and all the arts, and get a clear sense, everywhere you look, of the vibrant multi-cultural heritage that makes up this great town. If you don’t know that much about Tucson’s rich, varied heritage, just cruise though any of the several art galleries. You’ll learn quite a bit about Tucson by exploring its great arts community.

While you’re there check out the cactus forests, museums dedicated to desert flora and fauna, the great air and space museum, the super observatory, Lemon Mountain with all its offerings, and of course, Tucson’s Spanish colonial missions. The climate is terrific all four seasons, which makes it a sure bet for a great day on any of its terrific golf courses. The Tucson symphony, opera and ballet are renown, and the town enjoys the influence of the University of Arizona, as well.

Well, let’s say you’ve spent a great day (or days) in Tucson, and it’s time to head “home” to your 55+ haven at Rincon Country West. You’ll be thrilled at the resort, for its own sake and for its close proximity to Tucson’s myriad attractions.

How about those deluxe pull-throughs, full hook ups, heated pools, lounge, spas (outside and indoors), putting green, and the great auditorium they use for all kinds of interesting things. Also, they respect their guests with physical challenges by offering some handicap accommodations. Oh…and really important, they have an on-site hair salon.

A trip to Tucson bears serious consideration. It’s not like you won’t have anything to do there. And if you go, you should check out Rincon Country West resort. Someone close to you may just thank you. You’ll find luxury living and the joys of Tucson at Rincon Country West. For more about Rincon Country, visit us at

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