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August's Must-Stay Parks:
Sherkston Shores, Ontario.... How to quell the “I’m bored” blues!

If you or yours gets bored in this wonderful area of Southern Ontario, Canada, you may have to rent the Space Shuttle to meet your stimulation needs. Seriously.

The excitement actually starts at the Sherkston Shores RV Resort, located in the middle of the Niagara Peninsula on the shores of Lake Erie. There’s so much fun going on at this resort that your children may want to nominate you for sainthood for letting them stay there. Endless waterslides, hot tubs, pools, golf, two and a half miles of Lake Erie beachfront. But, you may want to check out the day trips and area adventures, too, because in case this is news to you, Niagara Falls and the whole Niagara area is pretty phenomenal.

Niagara Falls…ride the Maid of the Mist. Don’t you think your family would love this truly historical boat ride under the falls? But, if you’re determined to stay dry and long for silence, you might want to look elsewhere for excitement. This boat ride has the word “mist” in it for a reason! You will get wet and the roar of the falls is absolutely thrilling in a good way. You can file this one under “unforgettable.” Your teen may even find some merit to it all! There’s also a revolving restaurant high up from which you can see Niagara Falls. But it’s dry in there…quiet, too. Hey, it’s only once. Think about it.

Then there’s Niagara on the Lake, a gorgeous little town (population about 14, 500) that emphasizes its British heritage; it’s the only town in Canada with its own Lord Mayor! You’ll soon discover why its nicknamed “The Loveliest Little Town in Canada.” It’s located in Southern Ontario, across the Niagara River from Youngstown, New York, USA. There’s lots of restored military historical sites and plaques to investigate. It seems like almost everything in the town has historical significance, which lends a certain panache to the area.

Niagara on the Lake is a cultural, as well as historical, standout. It’s home to the Shaw Festival, which is a group of theatrical productions honoring works by George Bernard Shaw, and other playwrights from 1856–1950. The Shaw Festival runs April to November, and is well worth your time. The Niagara region tickles fancies in lots of other ways, as well. Take, for example, those who fancy wine tasting and the beauties of vineyards and wineries.

This entire region enjoys a pretty mild climate due to its proximity to the adjoining lakes, and outstanding soil for fruit production. The dozens of area wineries have established quite the reputations for themselves. They’re beautiful. Niagara on the Lake also features stellar art galleries, beautiful gardens, and several antique shops…and golf courses, for the so inclined. But, bedtime eventually beckons, and so does the comfort of your RV. It’s time to drive the short trip back to Sherkston Shores Resort.

You can relax in your RV, or amp up again with the activities at the Resort. There’s a restaurant right there, the Water’s Edge, as well as Pizza Pizza. You can play games in the Family Fun Plex, and often there is live entertainment going on. There are just lots to do, there’s no doubt about it.

Contact Sherkston Shores RV Resort at their website: Your family will thank you!

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