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October's Must-Stay Parks:
Who Else Wants to Live on a Civil War Battlefield, at Least for Awhile?

If you’re a history buff, or longing to turn your kids into buffs, think about parking your RV at the Best Holiday TRAV-L Park in Chattanooga, TN. You’ll be staying exactly where the north and south warmed up for the 1863 Battle of Chickamauga (which was the most important defeat of the Union in the western part of the Civil War, and incurred the second highest number of casualties after the Battle of Gettysburg). It’s not difficult to fire up a kid’s imagination in this setting. You can also fire the kids up by taking them to the local Chattanooga area attractions.

If you stay the Holiday TRAV-L Park, you’ll be really close to Rock City, with its incredible views and dazzling rock formations and enchanted garden trails throughout myriad gardens. Yes, unplugged kids can be dazzled by nature, given half a chance. You should also visit Ruby Falls, with its enormous underground waterfalls. Seriously…even teens grudgingly admit to something akin to awe in this secret, thrilling environment. Well, some admit to it….

You can also take everyone up to Incline Railway, going up Lookout Mountain. This is one of the steepest railways…are you ready for this…in the entire world! We’re talking a 72.7% grade. Again, bring on those teens- they’ll wake up for this ride.

There’s even more in the area (we are talking Chattanooga, after all): watch minor league’s Chattanooga Lookouts, visit an enormous indoor flea market, go “antiquing” all over the area, visit the world’s largest freshwater aquarium and check out the 3-D IMAX theater.

After all this you get to come home to the comfort of your RV, and stay in your choice of 170 mostly pull-through sites. Some of these puppies go up to 70’! Bring on your big rig. You get free WI-FI, high speed internet, a grocery and RV store, playground and a really big swimming pool.

You really out to check out the Holiday TRAV-L Park, if you’re going anywhere near the Charleston area. You won’t regret it and your family will think you’re a homegrown hero and an expert on the Civil War.

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