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September's Must-Stay Parks:
Serious Fun at Lake George RV Park

Some places have little to offer, then there’s Lake George Village…it’s almost embarrassing, how they got so much of the fun pie.

True, you could easily spend your entire vacation at the Lake George RV Resort itself (can you say “luxury?”) or you could actually make yourself leave this top-of-the-line resort and see the remarkable Adirondack area of New York. There’s a reason the word “wow” was invented. This is it.

Summer in Lake George and the Adirondack area offers parasailing, kayak and canoe rides, tours of all kinds, and the Great Escape/Splash Water Kingdom Amusement Park. Lake George Village, home to about 1,000 people, also has great summer steamboat tours. These steamboats are the real thing, not the Disneyland version (even though those steamboats are pretty cool, too).

And don’t think Lake George has nothing going during the winter. The Winter Carnival lasts a full month and exists to celebrate winter. You get to (if you want) take a polar plunge (some people leap into frigid Lake George for the fun of it mid-winter), participate in food cook offs, and sign up for lots of snowmobile, dogsled races, 4 x 4 races, and something called “ outhouse races,” perhaps best left undescribed here. It’s all a lot of family fun.

If you decide to leave the area for day trips, Saratoga Springs is just 30 minutes away. At Saratoga Springs you’ll find tons of art, drama, entertainment, thoroughbred horse racing and terrific dining. You could also tour Albany, which is just an hour from the Lake George RV Park. You can be sure the capital of New York has some things going on! Another day trip to consider is Lake Placid, about 90 minutes from the RV park. Lake Placid is a quaint, lovely little village, also known for being home to the 1980 winter Olympics. Speaking of, you can take elevators in Lake Placid that take you to the top of Olympic ski jumps. It’s quite the view, no matter your age.

But maybe you’re a history buff…or want to turn your kids into buffs…well, you just have to visit Fort Ticonderoga. Impressive and thrilling beyond description, walk around this enormous fort, think 1775, five different battles, two different wars, and picture all of it at this one fort. Remember to see the dungeons and cannons. This kind of thing can really hook kids into history; an incredible, more-than-authentic fort visit and equally incredible, true stories of the birth of our great nation.

Your kids (or you) may eventually want to wind back to the impressive Lake George RV Resort. If you want to relax, of course stay in your RV or hang out under your awning. But if you want to have a real blast, you’re in fun central. The Lake George RV home page features an amazing video that tells you and your kids what’s going on at this good time mecca. You just have to watch the video, that’s all there is to it.

Contact them at or call 518.792.3775. Wow. We’re talking serious fun.

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