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November's Must-Stay Parks:
Now you can easily (and affordably) experience Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Just drive your RV into Willow Beach Campground & RV Park, and you’re staying less than half an hour’s drive from Boulder City, and just minutes away from Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam…don’t you think you and the kids, if you have some, just have to see that?

Because the Willow Beach RV park is actually located right inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, you’ll be staying in an idyllic spot to appreciate nature’s great outdoors at her finest. You’ll also be staying in an idyllic spot to appreciate what Man has wrought with his own hands, in an attempt to control Nature. Boring, it’s not! Even teens have been known to eek out a grudging “awesome” at the sight of Hoover Dam.

But, let’s say you or someone in your group tires of the completely gorgeous, incredible scenery in this part of Arizona and all the Colorado River action; you know, they can only stand so much powerful water and beautiful desert mountain-scapes. Well, guess what’s less than an hour’s drive?

Las Vegas! Wahoo! Do you need to read any more to know there might be, shall we say, more than a few concerts, live entertainment of all sorts, shows upon shows upon shows, a casino or two, a bit of shopping, restaurants running the gamut of all prices…and, does anyone want to get married? There’s a lot of that going on, as well.

At the end of a busy day in Las Vegas or at Hoover Dam or on Lake Mead, you’ll wind your way back to your own RV, and probably collapse. You’ll be so glad to be at home in Willow Beach Campground & RV Park because there you’ll find the security and peace of a full service RV park, plus tent sites, fire rings, picnic tables, a regulation restaurant, a gift shop and a store that’ll keep your shoppers busy. And, check this out; they have an on-site launch ramp, fishing pier and a marina. Yes! And they offer boat rentals, raft tours, and all sorts of exciting, memory makers on the Colorado River. Again, even those teens may stop their eyes from rolling around in their heads if they have a chance to do some river action. This place is awesome, and has a serious case of the lovelies.

Be the family rock star. Check out Willow Beach Campground & RV Park at their website You’ll be glad you did, most certainly.

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